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Notes From Kenneth
Pictures from the Road
Nutrition and Health Updates
Oct. 26th - Gulfport. The day I've been looking for has finally arrived! Bob Joiner and I made our last presentation today at Central Middle School in Gulfport. We had an audience of 300 attentive kids and felt that they were receptive to the message. We were joined by a nice delegation from Coca-Cola Bottling Company United as well as several executives from Coca-Cola North America in town for the finish of the run.

The final leg of the journey was a two mile run down #49 from the Gulfport Coca-Cola plant to the water. I tried to be inconspicuous, but one runner sandwiched between four (yes, count 'em, 4!) police cars with lights flashing made that most difficult. Our timing was perfect and we arrived on the beach at exactly 3 p.m. Several Gulfport Cross-country runners ran the final quarter mile with me and a nice crowd that included a dozen and a half Corinthians, welcomed us. As predicted, the run went all the way to, and into, the salty water.

My brother, Sandy, has done a good job of explaining the remainder of the day in an email to family members. Due to a slight case of the wearies, and the lateness of the hour, I'll paraphrase that and let it come in Sandy's words:

Kenneth finished his run today ending it as planned in the Gulf of Mexico at Gulfport. A large contingent was on hand to greet him and help celebrate. A reception was held afterward at the Gulfport Coliseum from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The crowd at both places was made up of a few of his friends and family from Corinth (which included Nancy Ann and yours truly); a number of people from Coca-Cola North America with several coming from Atlanta and other places and representing several facets of the business; a whole host of people from Coca-Cola United of Birmingham in who's territory he has been running and speaking for several days (they have been very supportive); a number of people from Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi; also from Trustmark Bank, one of the sponsors; the media; and a host of others. It was a grand celebration. The announcement was made that to-date, $93,000+ has been raised for the B and G Clubs and Kenneth has talked to a large number of school students and B and G Clubs. Kenneth wants you to know that he appreciates the support you have given him and wants you to be aware of the Welcoming Party here in Corinth on Thursday night the 28th. The celebration will be held at Corinth's Crossroads Arena 6-8:30 p.m. If any of you are in the vicinity, we hope you will come. There will be entertainment that includes pictures and events along the way and music by a friend and Nashville songwriter and singer, Rivers Rutherford. Congratulations and WHEW! to Kenneth and the best to all of you.

Indeed, I do appreciate the support from all of you. Hope to see you on Thursday night!

375 down, 0 to go!!!!!

Last Presentation at Central Middle School, Gulfport

Getting Prepared for the Finish

Now that nice lady wouldn't do that, would she?

Finishing in the waters of the Gulf

What I've been running for

Well deserved awards for Lori Fakler and Melanie White
Oct. 25th - Gulfport. Here at last! I finished my 8 for today, leaving only 2 miles as a symbolic run to the water tomorrow (Tuesday). Running through, around and under the traffic as I passed below I-10 caused me to reflect, again, on the risks involved in this journey-and the blessings I've had. Lots of people tell me they have been praying for me and, indeed, I've felt those prayers.

We had two programs today, the kids at D'Iberville Middle School and the Boys and Girls Club at Gulfport. Both were delightful events and made us feel welcome to the Gulf Coast. My regard for the Mississippi public school system as well as the Boys and Girls Clubs of our state continues to soar. 373 down, 2 to go!

Speaking at Gulfport Boys and Girls Club

Melvin Davis, Coca-Cola Consolidated, passes out Stepometers at D'Iberville Middle School

Armada Finds a Friend

Oct. 24th - Near the Coast. I've been a busy boy in the last couple of days. I'm now only 10 miles north of the water of the Gulf. I'll finish tomorrow except for the final symbolic run on Tuesday. That day I'll run 3 miles from the Coast Coca-Cola Bottling Plant to the beach. I'm to arrive at 3 p.m. and will finish just east of the spot where Hwy. 49 ends.

There are to be two "events" scheduled and you are invited to either or both. The first is on Tuesday (Oct. 26th), at Gulfport. Below is the schedule that is has been developed: 1:00-2:00 pm Step With It! event at Central Middle School, 1310 42nd Ave, Gulfport
- 2:15pm Kenneth will go to the Coke Plant and run from there to the beach
- 2:45pm Gulfport High School track team meets Kenneth at the edge of the beach to run with him to the water
- 3:00 pm Kenneth arrives at the Gulf! (The CTA Comfort Station at Jones Park, off Hwy 90, near the Oceanarium)
- 5:00-7:00pm R7eception at MS Coast Coliseum, 2350 Beach Blvd, Biloxi

The second event is in Corinth on THURSDAY EVENING OCT. 28TH. It's at the Crossroads Arena Meeting Room. Below is the information:

Please join KENNETH WILLIAMS for a Step With It! Mississippi Celebration Dinner To commemorate the completion of his 400-mile journey through the state

Entertainment by Rivers Rutherford, Nashville award-winning Song writer and singer
Thursday, October 28, 2004
6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
The Crossroads Arena Meeting Room 2800 S. Harper Road
Corinth, Mississippi
284-4858 - Casual Attire

Not Far Now!

Rest Stop!

Friendship Oak about 500 yrs. Old.

Caught in Mid-Air
(A note about family fitness taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

Fitness Fun for the Family


- Establish a neighborhood play group or a neighborhood play day and introduce the kids to some of the creative games listed on

- Find a daycare program with a play philosophy that you agree with.

- Choose babysitters that will encourage play outdoors.

- Encourage and support a good PE program at your child's school.
As your child matures, find age-appropriate play.

- Always be sure it is pure fun and no pressure to perform.

- Offer kids lessons so that they feel accomplished in a sport.

- Early in a child's life, limit TV and computer time. One of the best ways to encourage physical playing is to make it fun while placing limits on inactive time. Experts say that 2 hours per day maximum is appropriate screen time. Do not place TVs or computers in a young child's room. It will just encourage couch potatoes. Rather than just limit screen time, reward your kids for active play.

Oct. 22 - Wiggins. We had a long and busy day! We started with the run, which was somewhat better than the last few runs. The shoulder was wider and the traffic wasn't as heavy. The coast is coming closer and closer! The weather is still very hot with temperatures in the upper 80's and high humidity. After the run there was a Step With It presentation at N.S. Burger Middle School in Hattiesburg. Again, this was well arranged by the folks at Hattiesburg Coke. We spoke to 650 interested students in a beautiful outdoor setting at the school.

After that we rushed to Biloxi where we spoke to the wonderful kids at the Biloxi Boys and Girls Club. I continue to be impressed with the kids and adults we are seeing at the Boys and Girls Clubs across Mississippi. Those of you that have contributed to the organization can certainly be proud. By 7 p.m., I was making the coin toss at the huge Gulfport vs. Moss Point High School football game. Wow, what a day-plus at 10:30 I'm still waiting for a load of clothes to dry! I thought this was all about RUNNING! Close now! 336 down, 36 to go!

Biloxi Boys and Girls Club Members admire the Nissan

Outdoor presentation at N. R. Burger Middle School, Hattiesburg

One More Southern Mississippi Rose
(A note about family fitness taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

Fitness Fun for the Family


This decrease in play did not happen overnight and it won't be fixed in a few days. But if we all take these few steps, it can be a good start to reversing this trend.

- Introduce active playing to your children very early in life.

- Play with your kids. Set aside several times a week for the family to play together. Push your baby in a stroller, or encourage exploring with a walker. Let your toddler push his or her stroller filled with toys. Take trips to the local playground. Encourage use of tricycles and then bicycles. Play kick ball or catch, etc.

- Set a goal of 60 minutes per day for active play. Ten to twenty minutes here and there adds up.

- Have a kid friendly yard.... a safe place to play! There is plenty of time for flowers later! Have some fun outdoor toys available.

Oct 21 - Brooklyn. What a grand time we have had in Hattiesburg! This afternoon we had a wonderful visit to the outstanding Boys and Girls Club where we were impressed with the kids, the leadership and the magnificent facilities! They gave us a fantastic reception-the lobby was covered in hand printed, individual welcome signs the kids had done. There must have been a hundred. I was glad to get to visit briefly with my friend Dr. Aubrey Lucus, longtime leader and chief cheerleader for The University of Southern Mississippi. Russ Henley and the guys from Hattiesburg Coke have been generous with their time and involvement and have made sure we were welcomed wherever we have gone.

This morning's run was somewhat better. The further from Hattiesburg, the less traffic we are having. The weather is very hot and humid; both yesterday and today set heat records for the area. I feel like it's a normal August run on Hwy. 350! I enjoyed running past the infamous South Gate of Camp Shelby, a place I spent many a hot day back in another life. More banana trucks signal that the coast is fast approaching! I'm looking for the first sighting of a seagull! 324 down, 48 to go!

Paul B. Johnson State Park

Fun at Boys and Girls Club in Hattiesburg

Hard Times at Camp Shelby

(A note about family fitness taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

Fitness Fun for the Family


Do you remember in the good old days when we as children spent all our free time outdoors playing with neighbors? Riding our bikes, having jump rope contests, playing hide and seek... chasing lightening bugs! We walked to school and no one gave it much thought. It was the norm.

Today our kids have so many diversions, and time for playing is limited or not appealing. I grew up with four stations on the TV. Now we have access to hundreds. Computers, Game Boys, and cell phones are now more attractive to our kids than a game of touch football. As a result, our kids today are less active, are gaining unhealthy weight, and are more anxious about life.

Hey Mom and Dad, it is time for a change. Let's reintroduce "PLAY- TIME" in our families.

Oct 20 - Hattiesburg. We drove first thing to McComb and presented a Step With It program to 650 very receptive North Pike Middle School kids. James Brumfield and his sales team from United's McComb Coca-Cola had everything prepared and ready when we arrived. It was great for us to be treated so warmly by both Coke people and the nice folks at North Pike. We are constantly amazed at the level of professionalism we are seeing in the public middle schools of Mississippi. I've gained confidence in our next generation, thanks to the teachers, administrators and kids we have had contact with!

I survived Hwy. 49 through Hattiesburg! Although it may have been the most perilous experience I've had since being thrown from a raft on the Zambezi River, I lived and I'm mighty happy about that! I'm now a few miles south of Hattiesburg, about 60 miles north of the Gulf. The road is filled with traffic and the section I'm currently on has no shoulder. In other words, there is just no place to run. So, going is slow, for sure. The temperature is reaching record highs, so the runs are challenging, for sure. But, I saw my first Chiquita Banana truck today, so the coast isn't far away! 312 miles down, 60 to go!

The Pride of Southern Mississippi

Kids at North Pike Middle School, McComb, clown for the camera

A Southern Mississippi Rose
OCT 19th - Hattiesburg. We're definitely in south Mississippi now! I reached the northern city limits of Hattiesburg and the coast seems only a short distance from here. Before long I'll be looking for seagulls! The run today was nice, but hot. The temperature at the start of the run was 89 and 92 at the end. However, there was that nice wind (am I complaining about the wind?) from the south that kept it from being unbearable. I'm not accustomed to having 90 degree weather near the end of October! Tomorrow I'll be running through the heart of Hattiesburg. That will bring poor running conditions, but some interesting scenery. We will be passing right by the University of Southern Mississippi.

Only one week to go! It's been a wonderful experience, but I'll be glad when it's over and I can get home and to work! Nancy Ann has been really generous but I'm sure she, too, will be glad for me to be back. She's joined me on several occasions and stayed with me in Jackson for like 5 nights and has been extremely supportive. Not long now and, if all goes well, I'll reach the Gulf waters next Tuesday, Oct. 26th. 300 down, 72 to go!

A big step-Hattiesburg! The sign reminds me of myself, worn but not worn out!

A welcome sight; Bob Joiner and the Nissan at the finish of today's run

(A note about teenage athletes and eating right taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

The Teenage Athlete

Also, you cannot get 4,000 calories into 3 meals a day. He needs to snack all day long. When my son was a teenager playing sports, he would polish off a good size dinner and finish it with an extra glass of milk and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A few hours later, before going to bed, he would have a few bowls of cereal. Now that is the "hollow leg" in action!

How do you know if your teen is getting enough food to support his training and growth? It is great fun to pick a wall in your house and start notching and dating your child's growth; here is a rule of thumb to guide you:

Females: for every inch you grow you should gain 5 pounds
Males: for every inch you grow you should gain 6 pounds

During those teen years, guys should shoot up in growth while girls' growth will slow down and stop while their bodies fill out and mature. If this is not occurring, or there is weight loss, be concerned. A trip to the pediatrician might be a good idea. Also, if there is unusual fatigue, it could be sign of undereating.

Thank goodness we all have a little engineer who works 24 hours, 7 days a week to keep our bodies healthy. Listen to the engineer and honor those signals of hunger, fullness, thirst, and fatigue, and the body will grow and function nicely.
OCT 18th - 20 miles north of Hattiesburg. Not the best run today! Everything seemed to hurt, plus the wind was hard and steady in my face. BUT, I'm now 12 miles closer to the water! Wind is a unique friend or foe to the runner. In the winter one hopes to have the wind from behind to reduce the cold and lessen the possibility of frostbite. In the summer one wishes for the wind in the face to provide cooling and lessen the chance of heatstroke. That is unless the wind is too strong! That was the case today. Runners, like farmers, are never satisfied with the weather! I should make the northern part of Hattiesburg tomorrow. 288 down, 84 to go!
You ask, 'How Many?' Now you know

It was tough, but we resisted the urge!

OCT 17th - I'm enjoying a day off but looking forward to getting back "on the road again" tomorrow and moving into the final phase of this trek. I'll start tomorrow near Collins, MS and, hopefully, knock off 12 more miles.

I wanted to give an update on the contributions to the Boys and Girls Club that have been made so far. As of Friday, my math shows we have collected about $67,000. That puts us slightly more than two thirds of our goal of $100,000. I certainly want to thank each of you contributors for your very generous gifts. Please know that your check will make a difference with the kids in our state!

That amount, $67k, is a lot of money, but is not where we need to be. We need to raise $33,000 right away! If you'd like to send a check, please mail it to:

Jon Anderson
Trustmark National Bank
P.O. Box 291
Jackson, MS 39205

Or deliver it to your closest Trustmark National Bank. Yes, you can designate it to your local BAGC or if you don't specify a club, it will go to the State Alliance of BAGCs and be distributed to the individual clubs in Mississippi. I'll assure you that the funds will be used wisely within each club. As you know, Mississippi BAGCs touch over 100,000 kids in our state. We have been witness to the fantastic job the leaders are doing with the kids. You can be confident that every cent of your money will be used for the kids and will be used wisely!
-- No Picture Updates Today -- (A note about teenage athletes and eating right taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

The Teenage Athlete

The real challenge comes in fueling the male teen athlete. How do you get 4,000 calories into a teen that is busy with school, busy with his sport and training, and trying to find time to sleep? You cannot get 4,000 calories worth of salads and green beans into kids. You have to rely on calorie-dense foods or foods that pack a lot of calories into a small volume. Some ideas are:

Beverages with calories: juices, milk, and regular sodas are perfect. One cup will give you about 100 calories. Do not push just water, which has 0 calories, or reduced calorie beverages like diet sodas.

Nuts, dried fruits, trail mixes

Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter

A squeeze of margarine on the veggies to boost the calories about 100 per tablespoon

Milkshakes and smoothies

Sports bars, breakfast bars, granola bars -- quick and portable

OCT 16 - I used my short break from running to see Sophomore Maid in the Homecoming Court in Corinth, my beautiful granddaughter Wesley Green in her homecoming game half-time performace.
I made it!
OCT 15 - Collins, MS We are now about 50 miles south of Jackson or about 40 miles north of Hattiesburg. Today was the perfect running day, cool, clear and low humidity and I enjoyed my run despite the heavy traffic on Highway 49. Of course, it's not nearly as fun as the Trace! Willie Meador at Laurel Coke made our event at West Jones Middle School (near Laurel) really easy and pleasant. He had previously kicked off the Step With It! program there and we were able to give prizes to the winners of the different SWI events. The school was most impressive and the kids, all 500 of them, were attentive and interested. This week we spoke to 1595 kids and more than 5,000 seniors.

Bob Joiner made a flying trip to the coast earlier this week to confirm the exact road distance remaining to our destination at Gulfport. His report shows we are now only 99 miles from the Gulf of Mexico! With that being said, the total distance from the Tennessee border to the Gulf water would total about 375 miles, slightly shorter than the advertised 400 miles (do I still get a prize?) This has all been said to explain that we now have an extra day and that will enable me to get home to see the Sophomore Maid in the Homecoming Court in Corinth, beautiful granddaughter Wesley Green. Yes, Homecoming is still a big deal in our wonderful little city, Corinth! Tomorrow I hope to be off my feet and on my seat! 276 down, 99 to go!

Lots of students at West Jones Middle School

Step With It Contest Winners from West Jones Middle School, Laurel, MS

Delta cotton, ready to pick

Cypress slough in downtown Indianola

Warning indicator creates a sound runners dread hearing

(A note about teenage athletes and eating right taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)

The Teenage Athlete

When I think of teens that are playing sports, I immediately think of the phrase "he has a hollow leg" -- he can eat and eat and eat, and it just bypasses the stomach and goes into the hollow leg. This is especially true of the male athlete.

I cannot speak about teenage athletes without recognizing the difference between the boys and the girls. Most girls are close to or have completed their growth spurt. Within one year of beginning their menstrual cycle, girls are done growing taller. On the other hand, boys are just beginning their growth spurt at ages 13-14. So for the guys, we have to feed them not only to cover their basic nutrition needs, but also to support their growth and training needs.

For example, lets look at the caloric needs of the following three teenage boys:
A: age 15, tennis player, trains 10 hours per week, 5'8", 140 lbs. He needs around 3,400 calories per day to support his body, growth, and sport.
B: age 15, football player, lifts weights, trains about 20 hours per week, 6'2", 180 lbs. He needs 4,500 calories per day to support his training, growth and body.
C: age 15, Nintendo player, sits a lot, 5'6", 130 lbs. He needs 2500 calories a day to support his body and growth.

As you can see, calories can range from 2,500-4,500 a day for these 15 year-old males depending on their size, weight, and training schedule. In my work as a Sports Nutritionist, I have found that most teenage male athletes need around 4,000 calories a day, and females need about 2,500-3,000 calories a day.

OCT 14 - Magee, MS. A wonderful day! We started with a delightful reception at the Florence branch of Trustmark National Bank. Judy Colburn had orchestrated a wonderful early morning event featuring outside signs and decorations, the Florence High School cheer squad and lots of food, gifts and drinks. Hal Williams, Rankin County President, presided over a well planned and fun event. Additionally, Judy had recruited someone to run with me representing Trustmark! Eric Navarre, Rankin Commercial Lender, and 'lay' cross country coach at Millsaps College, was a delightful running partner that made the 12 miles seem like a 10k run! He managed to hold his speed in check and didn't embarrass me and leave me behind!

This afternoon brought a great experience at the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson. Billy Redd made outstanding preparations for our visit and we were royally received. The kids were well behaved and polite and seemed genuinely interested in what we had to share with them! Billy and the other club administrators should be proud of what they have accomplished with the kids. It's very heartening for me to see what the Boys and Girls Clubs is doing with the young people in our State. 264 down, less than 136 to go!

Kenneth with Trustmark-Rankin County officials and Florence Cheerleaders

Reception at Trustmark's Florence Branch

Kenneth and Trustmark Associate Eric Navarre head toward McGee

Presentation at Jackson Boys and Girls Club

Interview with Super Sport Radio in Jackson
(A note about eating on the go taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)


- If you know that you will be eating at a fast food restaurant carry a piece of fruit with you since these restaurants tend to be short on fresh fruit. Have your grilled chicken sandwich, some French fries and round off the meal with a piece of fruit. Remember the peace symbol!

- If you are in a hurry at the grocery store, shop the perimeter, (the outside 4 walls) of the store. This is where you will find all your basic healthy foods. The inside aisles contain the more processed foods.

- Try one of the many healthy "sports bars" that are currently available in grocery stores. They are the size and caloric level of candy bars, but they have added vitamins and minerals and a good amount of protein (10-25 grams). They are tasty, quick and easy, and a nutritious, balanced snack.

- Do not forget the Great American Sandwich! The bread is the starch, meat or cheese is the protein, and add lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, etc., for the veggies. Serve with a few chips and fruit and you have a balanced meal that is quick and nutritious. You just need to have the ingredients on hand!

By having the right foods at home and knowing of some healthy, quick restaurants to frequent, you too can maintain a fast pace but still be successful at fueling your engine with healthy, tasty and nutritious foods. Here is to your health and energy!
Oct. 13 - Mendenhall, MS. Lots of 'appearances' today! We had a fantastic event on the Capital steps at 11 this morning. In a wonderful ceremony on a beautiful day, Governor Barbour presented a proclamation declaring the remainder of October Step With It Mississippi Month! Additionally, Qiana Wilson, representing Coca-Cola North America presented a check to Richard Hickson, Chairman of Trustmark National Bank in the amount of $35,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi. This large donation will help tremendously in our quest to attain our goal of $100,000 for Boys and Girls Clubs of Mississippi. Ron Aldridge from the Mississippi Soft Drink Association did an incredible job as emcee of the event. Remarks by Lori Fakler, representing Coke North America, Sandra Shelson, representing The Partnership For A Healthy Mississippi, and Billy Redd, representing the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi were all well received by the enthusiastic crowd.

Additionally, due to the generosity of Trustmark National Bank, I was able to speak to more than 5,000 people at Senior American Day at the Mississippi State Fair. It was quite an event with Gov. Barbour, Miss Mississippi and other dignitaries. So, today was 'spread the word' day in Jackson. Preliminary reports also show excellent media coverage.

I took off my "Sunday" from last week. I've run 9 days in a row and my body needed a rest! Besides, we are actually ahead of schedule to finish at our projected date, Oct. 26. Still 252 down….(less than) 148 to go!

Gov. Barbour Declares 'Step With It Month' at Capital

Kenneth speaks to 5,000 at Trustmark's Senior American Day at the Fair
(A note about eating on the go taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)


- Keep a grocery list posted in your kitchen. When you start to run low on necessities, add it to the list. You cannot eat right on-the-go if you do not have the right foods available to you.

- Case out the fast food restaurants in your area and be familiar with their healthier selections. Today, more than ever before, fast food restaurants are offering a variety of good choices from gourmet salads with lean meats to a variety of healthy sandwiches, alternatives to French fries, and a variety of beverages.

- When you cook, cook enough so you will have leftovers!

- When you put together a meal, always have three items on the plate. I see the plate like a peace symbol…

- When eating in or carrying out food from a restaurant, consider eating half of the meal and saving the other half for a later meal. Most of the moderately priced restaurants serve twice the amount that we need.

Oct. 12 - Mendenhall, MS. The highway got a little better today. After about 3 miles the shoulder widened and traffic lessened slightly and it was no longer quite the nightmare that it had been yesterday.

The day was fast and furious. We started with a beside-the-highway cell phone interview with Super Talk radio at 7:30, then the 12 mile run. We then made a 90 mile bee-line to Meridian. After a quick lunch at Weidemann's Restaurant (well, you can't run without eating!) we did two great presentations, one at Southeast Elementary for 450 kids and one at Meridian Boys and Girls Club for 240 kids. We had great support and enthusiasm from Hardy Graham and the folks at Meridian Coca-Cola. Additionally, we stopped for quick visits at Trustmark National Bank and New South Nissan. Then back to Jackson for the night! Nice day, lot's accomplished! 252 down, 148 to go.

240 cute kids at Meridian Boys and Girls Club

Southeast Lauderdale Middle School, near Meridian

A Bit of Brightness on a Cloudy Morning
(A note about eating on the go taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)


Eating on the Go Every year more people are acquiring two speeds... fast and asleep! What happened to medium speed?

As a result of our fast-paced society, we have seen an explosion of fast food restaurants, foods-to-go in the grocery store and special take-out service at many restaurants. Life is GO GO GO!

I cannot begin to change your speed, but I would like to encourage you to realize the importance of properly fueling the body so you can go, go, go. Our body is like a car. If we put cheap watered down gasoline in the engine of our car it will putt, putt, putt down the road, have no pick up and backfire. Our body will do the same if we load it with junk food. Here are some guidelines to help you find the time and the knowledge to fuel your body properly:

- Remember the Food Guide Pyramid: I think the Pyramid is one of the best nutrition tools we have had in 15 years.

- Life is busy, but take time to honor your body. Give yourself permission to sit and relax for 20-30 minutes for a meal. Chew it, taste it, savor it! The joy of eating is the smell, taste and texture of the food.

- Do not go longer than 5 hours without eating. Your stomach, body and mood will benefit from this goal. Example: 7 am, 12 noon, 4 pm, and 7pm. If you skip eating and allow yourself to get overly hungry, then you will tend to make poor choices and overeat.

Oct. 11 - Star, Mississippi. The trek from Richland to Star is one tough run. Hwy. 49 is all I dreaded it to be with cars and trucks screaming by heading north to Jackson. The road definitely wasn't designed for recreational running! I still made it the required 12 miles today. Bob Joiner finally suggested that the road "isn't gonna get much better" to the Coast so I'm going to have to get used to it, I suppose. Thankfully, the rain has gone. Hurricane Matthew supplied a record 3.03 inches of rain on Jackson on Sunday, and lots of that fell on me. Unfortunately, the blisters and fatigue remain.

The brightest part of the day was a visit and presentation at "Shoe String", a wonderful program for Jackson kids provided by some great people. We were really impressed with the service to the community and the facilities this worthy organization provides. Thanks to Sharon Garrison at The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi for arranging and attending this event. 240 down, 160 to go.

Star, MS, home of Faith Hill

Taking a question at 'Shoe String', in Jackson.
Oct. 10 - Richland. On the 7th day he did not rest! Awoke this Sunday morning in Jackson with the rain coming down in sheets. We spent the morning watching the rain fall and the weather channel. Just before noon the radar showed a small break in the heavy rain and I took off. We knew this 12 mile segment through downtown Jackson, onto Hwy. 80 then across to Hwy. 49 was the most treacherous so far, and we weren't disappointed. It was not a pretty sight and the rainy conditions didn't help. We had hoped to get out early on Sunday morning, before the traffic started rolling, but that didn't work. It seemed when the rain slowed the roads filled with cars. Anyway, all's well that ends well and we are now 5 or so miles south of Jackson at Richland, and that's good news! Yes, I already miss the serenity of the Trace! Ran all 7 days this week and that 84 mile total sets a career-high record for me! 228 down and 172 to go! - Heavy Rain, No Pictures Today -  
Oct. 9 - North Jackson. The last leg of the Trace was tough! The forecast for rain was true and it poured! I was able to finish the Trace route, despite the monsoon, then work my way onto State Street, heading for the heart of the Capital City. I was a dripping mess the entire way, cars spraying me as they went about their Saturday morning business in the rain. BUT, I was able to get it done. I survived my blisters and wet feet today didn't produce any more. The thing about a blister is that it doesn't hurt but half the time….only when that foot strikes the ground! So…my blisters just hurt for about an hour! We decided that the best plan was to push on and get me through the business district of Jackson on Sunday, so I'm to be running again tomorrow and get that behind me. With luck I'll be on Hwy 49, south of Jackson, by Sunday night. It's been nearly 3 weeks since we left State Line on September 20th. Time marches on! 216 down, 184 to go!
Road Weary

Ridgeland Visitor's Center in the Rain

Water Tank at Dusk
Oct. 8th - 8 miles north of Jackson. We enjoyed a fantastic visit and presentation at French Camp Academy! We spoke to 160 kids and were really impressed with not only the kids and staff, but also the facilities. We took an hour long tour courtesy Stuart Edwards, President. What a treat…and what they have hidden back in those green hills! We also had a 15 minute radio interview with Bro. Dave on WFCA, their powerful commercial radio station blasting out over a 60 mile area.

Rain finally cames as we approach Jackson. The biggest negative with rain is that wet socks invite blisters and that could make for problems. As I ran through the rain I keep thinking of the old deal about… "For lack of a nail the shoe was lost, for lack of a shoe the horse was lost, for lack of a horse the officer was lost, for lack of the officer the battle was lost…….." I think I worried myself into a blister! Yep, I ended up with a couple but I don't think they will be a big problem. The day was, however, significant in that we passed the half way mark, and are on the outskirts of the Capital City!

I was beginning to struggle when the CHS Cross Country Team bus passed with team members hanging out every window and cheering for me! Coach Ken Williams' band of runner's had been a part of my send off nearly three weeks ago! They were heading for a meet in Jackson and that enabled me to see a lot of my family, including Nancy Ann. This was quite a lift at a time when I needed it. 204 down, 194 to go!

Trace in the Rain
Oct 7th - River Bend, north of Jackson. We reached the upper portion of Ross Barnett Reservoir! This is a meaningful attainment as it signals the approach into Jackson. We are only 20 miles north of the Ridgeland Arts and Crafts Center. This is where we exit the Trace.

Unfortunately our 17 day run of beautiful weather may be coming to an end. The forecast for Jackson calls for 60% chance of rain for both Friday and Saturday. Running in the rain isn't too bad; running in a thunderstorm is spooky as well as unwise. We shall see! Tomorrow we start with a presentation at French Camp Academy, then on toward Jackson. There we will be headquartering at the Hampton Inn near the Coliseum and will stay there six nights. Tomorrow we should pass the half way mark. 192 down, 208 to go!

River Bend
Oct 6th - 30 miles north of Jackson. We have the capital city in our sights! By early next week we plan to have made our way through Jackson and onto Hwy. #49. Things continue to go well and we are enjoying our 16th straight day of pretty weather. Today the humidity was low, a nice breeze was blowing and the sky was crystal clear. My son, Martin, is trying to keep me young and updated on my music. He sent me 50 songs on a 'jump drive' and I'm working my way through Dave Mathews Band and the Robert Randolph Family Band. Man, I'm cookin' now! Check out a taste of today's music by clicking here. 180 down, 220 miles to go.
Most visited site on the Trace
Oct 5th - South of Kosciusko. We are drawing closer to Jackson and should wind up our Trace trek on Saturday, Lord willing. Then it's through Jackson and onto Hwy. 49, which will certainly make me wish we were back on the Trace! We continue to be blessed with perfect weather. Even with a noon run, as occurred today, it's still bearable. We have noticed a significant difference in the temperature here, however. Its several degrees warmer than it is 170 miles north of here. 168 down, 228 to go. far did you say you were runnin'?

Mechanical chicken lays hay egg

Oct 4th - Kosciusko, on the Trace. We worked second shift today. Spoke to 1300 middle schoolers at the impressive Grenada Middle School between 2:30 and 3:15. By the time we loaded up and made a mad dash to our mile marker on the Trace it was 5:00 p.m. before I started my run. With dark closing in I ran the 12 in 1:46:25, which is about a 8:40 pace, water stops and all. Not too shabby. Still, it was just about dark when I finished. Back to the Hampton in Starkville by 8:00 for a hot shower!

We made it about 5 miles south of Kosciusko, which leaves us about 66 miles from Jackson. Arrival there should occur this weekend. 156 down, 244 left to go!

Step With It program for 1300 kids at Grenada Middle School

Running Late
Oct 2 - Twelve miles south of French Camp, MS. We started the day right: with a 2 mile 'fun run' with 250 at the Choctaw Indian Reservation. What a treat! I was able to do my 'program' for all 250 and they responded very well, children and adults as well. The Boys and Girls Club sponsored the event and they treated us royally. Then it was back up the Trace to our starting point for the day. The run went well, considering that it added up to 14 miles today (yeah, only 12 of them counted). I have really enjoyed taking pictures as I go down the Trace. Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to stop for a moment. I do hope you are taking time to view the photographs and are enjoying them.

I've enjoyed listening to music as I run. I use a MP3 player and load the songs I want to hear from the computer.

Click HERE to view some of today's songs.

This ends week 2. I have finished 144 miles with about 256 to go! We have presented our message about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle to 3170 Mississippi kids.

Two mile Boys and Girls Club fun run at Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians

French Camp Visitor's Center

Making sorghum molasses at French Camp
Oct 1 - Jeff Busby Park, Natchez Trace. We had a fast and furious day! Started off being a part of the groundbreaking for The Oprah Winfrey Boys and Girls Club of Kosciusko and Attala County. What an event! We met lots of the wonderful people of the area and were amazed at what they had accomplished with Oprah's help. They are hoping to have the $4 million facility built in 15 months. Was glad to visit with one of my Ole Miss buddies, Judge John Clark Love.

The noon run was hot, and a struggle for the first 3 miles, but after loosing up I felt fine and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Trace for the next 9 miles. Had two Corinthians stop and say 'hello', Harvey Meeks and Dick Wood.

Back to Kosciusko for a 4:30 presentation to the kids of the Boys and Girls Clubs. We arrived in Philadelphia well after dark. Whew, long day, but rewarding! 132 down, 268 to go! We are one third of the way!

Groundbreaking at The Oprah Winfrey Boys and Girls Club.

Kenneth speaking to Katherine Carr Esters, Oprah's aunt, at the groundbreaking for The Oprah Winfrey Boys and Girls Club of Kosciusko and Attala County.

Boys and Girls Club members say "Thank You Oprah" at the groundbreaking."

Kosciusko/Attala County Boys and Girls Club members admire the Nissan
Sept 30 - Ten miles south of Hwy 82. Deer me! No deer sightings until today, then saw 9 during the run! Maybe it was the company: Stuart Green, Ken Williams and Ronnie Pittman left before daylight and drove two hours in order to run a 12 mile segment with me. It was delightful having company as well as someone to spot the deer! Ken commented that he "never realized that the Trace was as beautiful" until he ran on it. That's so true! Also, one has to capture the sight and smell to fully appreciate it.

We made it about 10 miles south of Hwy. 82. As Mississippians know, Hwy. 82 somewhat divides north and central Mississippi so crossing that line was a significant achievement. This afternoon brought a long journey all the way to Indianola, deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. We visited a school and a beautiful new Nissan dealership, Cannon Nissan, in Greenwood. Great Mississippi Delta pictures will be up for view on another day. 120 down, 280 to go!

Running partners drive 2 hours to run. From left, Ronnie Pittman, Kenneth, Ken Williams, Stuart Green.

Great visit at Cannon Nissan in Greenwood
Sept 29 - Hwy 82, on the Natchez Trace. Another day in paradise! Passed the century mark by 8 miles! We started with 3 presentations at Armstrong Middle School in Starkville. Mr. Fuller, Principal, and the great guys from the Starkville (Clark) Coke group made us feel at home! Robert Clark, from Starkville Coke was there, also. His great grandfather, C. C. Clark, and my grandfather, A. Kenneth Weaver, were business partners in Corinth Coca-Cola back in 1905. (Yes, despite what you think, that was before my time!) We spoke to 645 very receptive middle schoolers there.

This was the first afternoon run for me on the Trace and it was a delight. I had fun trying to catch, on photographs, the late afternoon sunlight. It creates different patterns from the morning sun we have been seeing and it was fun trying to capture that. Unfortunately, I was only slightly successful. 108 down, 292 to go!

Kenneth with some of the 600+ kids at Armstrong Middle School, Starkville, MS

Kenneth gets out the word about physical fitness via a live remote with KZ 105 radio, Tupelo

Light at the end of the tunnel
(A note about 10,000 steps a day taken from the StepWIthIt! site)


10 Tips for 10,000 10 Easy Ways to Achieve the Goal of Walking Additional Steps Every Day and Increase your Family's Level of Physical Fitness.

1. Set a realistic goal. Wear a pedometer to see how many steps you really take each day. From that baseline measurement, try setting a goal to increase your steps, working up to 10,000 steps a day. Every 2,000 steps is the equivalent of about a mile.

2. Create a Family Fun Step Challenge Choose a destination for a family trip and calculate the number of steps it would take to get there (average: 2,000 steps per mile). Post the goal on the refrigerator and log each member of the family's daily steps. Once the total goal is reached, reward yourself with a visit to that location.

3. Park and Walk Drive halfway to see your friends or family and walk the final distance.

4. Plan a Weekly Family Fitness Outing Regardless of the weather, hike local trails and pack a healthy lunch.

5. Turn Your Neighborhood into a Tourist Destination Lead your family on a walking tour of your neighborhood and see how many steps you and your family can accumulate.
Sept 28 - Natchez Trace, Mantee Exit Nearly to the century mark! I've made 96 through today, Tuesday. It's been a delight and the miles, and days, are moving by quickly! Today's run was perfect and I almost hated to see it end! (Notice I said "almost") I had promised myself that I would NOT keep up with my per-mile time, but I was clicking along pretty good and couldn't resist looking at the watch. (I know men do that sort of thing, do women?). Mile #11 and #12 averaged 8:49's, which I thought was pretty good, considering. I gotta remember that this trek is about patience and perseverance, not speed!

We enjoyed home cooking in a cinderblock building with a concrete floor in the Sweet Potato Capital of the World, Vardaman, MS. It was delicious. Dessert came from across the street at "Sweet Potato Sweets" and it consisted of sweet potato muffins, sweet potato pie and sweet potato pecan pie! Needless to say, that charged my battery!

We made the long drive up I-55 to visit the 70 members of the Southaven/Olive Branch Boys and Girls Club. This was a Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi event and we continue to stand amazed at what the adult leaders are doing for these kids. We are really appreciative for what they do. 96 down, 304 to go!

Southaven/Olive Branch Boys and Girls Club

Vardeman, sweet potato capital of the world

Digging Sweet Potatoes in the Sweet Potato Capital

(A note about 10,000 steps a day taken from the StepWIthIt! site)


10 Tips for 10,000 10 Easy Ways to Achieve the Goal of Walking Additional Steps Every Day and Increase your Family's Level of Physical Fitness.

6. Take 10 Times Three Find three, 10-minute segments each day to take a brief walk, play touch football, march in place, or even dance. These quick spurts will go a long way in helping you meet - and surpass - your daily goals.

7. Take a Rover for a Walk Walk your dog...or the neighbors' dog! Your pooch will love it and so will you.

8. Window-Shop 'Til you Drop Make the most of your chores by adding in extra steps in everything you do. Park at the far end of the mall's lot. Do a couple of laps around the shopping mall - window shopping along the way - before you stop in any store.

9. You Can't Turn It Off, So Turn It Up If you and your family are glued to the TV, get up and walk around the room during commercial breaks. Remember, every step can make a difference in your activity level.

10. Climb Every Stair Instead of the taking the elevator, try walking up and down the staircase for extra steps - that includes walking up and down the escalator -- to add more activity to your busy day.
Sept 27 - Natchez Trace, south of Witchdance. Cloudless sky, no traffic, 61 degrees, no wind, no humidity, most beautiful parkway in the South! Shhhh, don't tell anyone, the road would be crowded with runners! Today's 12 miles was magnificent!

Had a great time with 200 kids at Pope Middle School in Pope, MS, hosted by the guys from Memphis Coke. They wowed the kids with great music and the kids were "steppin' with it" and doing the Cha-Cha Slide! I declined to participate on the grounds that I might "hurt myself" and wouldn't be able to finish my run! 84 miles down, 316 to go!

(Editor's Note: You can see more of Kenneth's pictures of the Natchez Trace by clicking here.)

Pope Middle School 'Cha-Cha Slide'
Sept 25 - Witchdance, on the Natchez Trace. We are now 25 miles south of Tupelo and enjoying the journey and the magnificent weather. Running today, Saturday, was a real treat. There were no schools or Boys and Girls Clubs to visit and I was able to stop and smell the roses. I carried my camera and snapped 25 photos, all quite beautiful, but only a few made the final cut. It is quite hot, but a dry cool front is expected on Sunday and calls for more fantastic weather next week.

Yesterday we had a royal treat at the Tupelo Boys and Girls Club. Tupelo Mayor Larry Otis awarded us the key to the city and Larry Dickens, CPO, and his fantastic staff and Board graciously presented us with a warm Tupelo welcome and gifts. I stand amazed at what these Boys and Girls Club leaders are doing with the resources they have. They are truly making a difference in our State!

We presented our Step With It!
Mississippi program to 1,830 kids this week in Corinth, Booneville, Southhaven and Tupelo.

(Editor's Note: You can see more of Kenneth's pictures of the Natchez Trace by clicking here.)

Tupelo Mayor Larry Otis presents the 'key to the city' to Kenneth. Boys and Girls Club CPO, Larry Dickens and Ron Green, Program Director, share the moment.
SEPT 24 - It's good to be on the Natchez Trace! Traffic in the Tupelo area was extremely heavy at 7:15 this morning and I thought for a while I was still on Hwy. 45! The 12 miles today took us six miles south of Tupelo High School to mile marker 254.

Had another great day with presentations at Tupelo Middle School. We had originally expected Tupelo schools to take one day and one presentation. Instead it took two days and seven presentations to cover the 1200 or so middle schoolers.

We've learned a lot about modern day schools already and yes, it's vastly different from the Mayberry of old! At least I didn't have to carry a 30 pound backpack around! It was fun and we did get the Step With It!
message out to a ton of kids! Weather would be classified as "hot" but still nice, forecast is for a little cooler over the weekend, thankfully.

Natchez Trace Parkway

Shawn Patton Sings the StepWithIt! Blues to the Tupelo Middle School
SEPT 23 - Highway 45, with all its log trucks and heavy traffic is behind us! We made it today completely to the Visitor's Center on the Natchez Trace Parkway. For those that aren't familiar with the Trace, it's a scenic parkway with no trucks, no signs, no commercial buildings of any kind, a 50 mph speed limit and very limited access. ( It's made for running and biking! I look forward to it, but dread the sameness.

Spoke to three sessions of Tupelo Middle School today; about 600 kids. It went very well. Coach Ken has done a good job introducing the Step With It!
program to the kids. We have another, identical session tomorrow at Tupelo Middle School for about the same number of kids.

Still enjoying the wonderful weather, warmer today, but fantastic! It seems I've worked through the first, initial phase of fatigue and am stronger than yesterday. I hope that continues. Just don't get in my way, I eat everything in sight! No time for dieting right now! 48 down, 352 to go!

On the phone with the Nancy Ann. She reminds him one more time it was he that decided to run to Gulfport

Tupelo Middle School Golden Wave Football Team
(Ed. Note: A continuation of the article yesterday taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)


Physically active kids and parents must stay mindful of their fluid needs. Here are a few ways to stay hydrated:

Before you go out to play, drink 2+ cups of fluid. Before play the best choices are water, a sports drink, or watered down juice. The goal is a beverage that is 0-70 calories per cup. This caloric range tends to empty through the stomach more quickly than high-calorie beverages and, therefore, are better at hydrating quickly.

While you are playing, try to get in one cup of a beverage every 15- 20 minutes. This means 3-4 cups in an hour! During this time, go for water and sports drinks.

After the play... drink what ever you want… Coke®, juice, tea, water, etc., until you are urinating pale urine. If you urine is a deep color, keep drinking!

A few signs of dehydration that you should be aware of: Headaches and fatigue Muscle cramping Reduced sweating and dizziness
SEPT 22 - We have made it south of Baldwyn, into Lee County. We are near the place where Nathan B. Forrest achieved what many believe to be his greatest victory, Brice's Crossroads. Read about it at

Today was even better than yesterday and the oncoming cars were considerate and friendly. I owe it to a radio interview that Wizard 106, a powerful country radio station in Tupelo, did with me just before I started running. I had log truck drivers falling over themselves waving.

Felt good and enjoyed the run, perhaps because I made it a point to drink more fluids today. The low humidity fools you and you don't realize you are dehydrated until you have that weak, sickly feeling. Nancy Ann points out that one side of my face is beet-red while the other is not so bad. Yep, been running south in the mornings. Got to start running in the afternoon to balance my tan!

With God's help we will have Hwy. 45 done by late tomorrow and move onto the Natchez Trace. Thanks for your support!

Booneville Boys & Girls Club

Desoto Middle School

Bob Joiner at Brice's Crossroads
(A note about hydration taken from the StepWIthIt! site written by: Susan D. Luke Registered Dietician.)


Hydration: Drink your ? glasses of water a day

For years and years, I have been recommending to people that they need 8 cups of water per day, or the famous 64 ounces per day. Like so many other health and nutrition recommendations, hang around long enough and things will change.

The National Academy of Science issued new recommendations in February 2004.

Here is the new scoop!

In a typical day:
1. Boys 14-18 yrs: 2.6 L (11 cups)
2. Girls 14-18 yrs: 1.8 L (8 cups)
3. Women: 2.2 liters (9 cups)
4. Men: 3.0 liters (13 cups)

We used to urge people to drink water and more water to hydrate, but the study is showing that all fluids hydrate. Water does not have to come from just water, but from all fluids... milk, juice, coffee, and tea (yes, caffeine-containing beverages).

Caffeine-containing beverages have a brief dehydrating effect, but in a 24-hour period, there was no significant dehydrating effect. So tea, coffee and caffeine-containing sodas will all add to hydration.

Studies are showing that when we look at all beverages as hydrating, most people are doing a nice job keeping themselves hydrated in an average day. My concern comes with the physically active kids and adults, and people living in hot, humid weather. While around 12 cups of fluid per day might do for the "Average Joe," an athlete might need as much a 5 liters (20+ cups) per day.
SEPT 21 - Booneville is in our rear view mirror! Twelve miles today took us south of Booneville past Hwy. 30. Tomorrow we are poised to blow by Guntown and Baldwyn. Tupelo will soon be in our sights!

Today was another God-given, beautiful day! Running was a pleasure and the miles clicked by…well, they slowed toward the end and the thought did occur to me "why didn't I say 10 miles per day instead of 12?" I guess that's a "man thing" to bite off more than one needs to chew! Anyway, the weather does make it delightful and I'll have to remember that when the next hurricane comes whipping up from the Gulf!

A couple more days and I should make the Natchez Trace, one of the most beautiful highways in the U.S. and no more trucks! I will say that the drivers have been very friendly, perhaps alerted by the colorful Nissan Armada Dr. Bob has strategically parked a mile or so in front of me, amber lights flashing.

Tonight brought a visit to the "Fit for Life: Take the Corinth-Alcorn Challenge", a community based program that provides awareness and information about nutrition and fitness. This is an excellent program several community leaders like Barbara Barrett and Ann Walker have put together. While there I was able to visit several kids that had heard our talk at the Corinth Junior High. We were amazed at what the kids had retained from the information that they had heard yesterday.

Running will be the first priority tomorrow then a quick trip over to Southaven, then back to Booneville for a Boys and Girls Club visit. We are moving on! Twenty four down, 376 to go!

South Corinth Elementary

Booneville, MS City Limits

Corinth Step With It! (TM) Event

09/20 - What a glorious day! The sun shone brightly on all events of Monday, both figuratively and literally, from the early morning Step With It! program at Corinth Junior High to the close of the "runner cookout" last evening.

The kids at CJHS were energetic and receptive and seemed to respond to the message. They were anxious to get their free Stepometers and start "stepping".

The Kick Off at Court Square was wonderful! About 300 people gathered in the bright sunshine to hear comments and well wishes from speakers from Corinth, Jackson and Atlanta. The automobile was unveiled to the delight of the kids in the crowd and the runners set off for the State Line.

About 35 people of all ages made the first steps and miles with me. It was really a 'fun run', for sure. Having three generations of my own family in the group of runners made it even more special for me.

Earlier in the day I had run from Corinth to Biggersville, which, coupled with the late afternoon run, covered the planned 12 miles for the first day. Twelve down and 388 to go!!!

CJHS StepWithIt! Program

Unveiling Event

State Line Kick Off Runners

First 12 Miles to Biggersville HS
09/19 - Talented local artist, Orma Smith depicts "Forrest Gump Williams" as he sits in front of the Alcorn County Court House contemplating whether he is going to eat the box of chocolates or go for a run. Or, perhaps he is waiting for the crowd he hopes will show up for the Monday Sept. 20th, 4 p.m. Kick Off event there at the Court House. Whichever, he certainly knows it's about "show time" and the first few miles are only hours away. The first Step With It! Mississippi school event is scheduled for 8 a.m. tomorrow morning at Corinth Jr. High School. The weather forecast for the day is perfect and the five day forecast calls for bright sunshine every day! What say we go for a little run!  
09/18 - One more day to go! I'm filled with apprehension! How in the world do I expect to run 400 miles? There are so many things that can go wrong! But, the only thing available at this point is to start-and I look forward to that! After all the training and all the planning it's going to feel good to finally begin clicking off the miles!

I'm humbled at the support we have gotten for this crazy idea and I feel the weight of the expectations of my friends, family and supporters. I thank each one for their support and enthusiasm! I just wish I was a confident in my ability to accomplish this as my friends are!

Hopefully, Monday will be a great day! It starts at 8:00 a.m. at Corinth Jr. High for my first Step With It!
presentation. It will be good to get that one behind me. Then there is the Big Event at Court Square at 4:00. Runners are invited to start the run with me at the Mississippi State line immediately following the Court Square deal. Please remember, this is not a 'real' run and there is no traffic control. Hwy. 45 is dangerous and you are on your own! Anybody under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a parent-approved adult. But---if you are up for this, I'd love to have you! We will run slow and only go about five miles and end at Refreshments, Inc. on Linden Street.
09/18 - Final work is being completed on our brand new "Made in Mississippi" Nissan Pathfinder Armada. The chase vehicle will follow me on my run and provide support and transportation to the events.  

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